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Tailored and complex intelligence services for high-profile litigations, arbitrations and white-collar crime cases.

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Why Black Cube?

When the stakes are high, you need critical evidence that seems impossible to obtain. Black Cube is the only intelligence firm that can uncover it.

Tactical Approach. Global Reach.

We’re not limited by knowledge, expertise, language, connections or geography.

Tailored Service.
Unparalleled Mastery.

We are former Israeli Intelligence officers, lawyers, and social engineers.

Seamless Operations.
Lawful Methodology.

We are the leader in exposing fraud, bribery, and asset dissipation.

Litigation Support

We obtain solid evidence to support complex legal disputes and arbitrations. Through our findings, we help strengthen the evidentiary foundation of our clients’ cases, including disputes that span across multiple events and jurisdictions. We also support our clients’ legal strategies by pinpointing their opponents' vulnerabilities, interests, and priorities.

As world leaders in intelligence collection and analysis, our deep covert operations have brought to light proof of civil fraud, breach of contract, perjury, misrepresentation of facts, forgery, tender manipulation, and leaks of confidential information.

Litigation Support

White Collar Crime

We procure evidence of illegal tactics undertaken by individuals or entities working against our clients. Our actionable intelligence provides evidence to help claimants prove wrongdoing or help defendants prove their innocence against unfounded claims.

Our extensive experience on both sides of the courtroom helps us to legally obtain admissions from targets in cases of complex financial fraud, corruption, bribery, money laundering, embezzlement, securities fraud, and tax evasion.

White Collar Crime

Asset Recovery

We locate and recover concealed or misappropriated assets on behalf of our clients. Through sophisticated asset tracing methods, we determine who ultimately owns and controls the assets even when they’re registered to third parties, trustees, custodians, and shell companies.

Our intelligence methodology goes beyond advanced forensic accounting, financial analysis, and open-source intelligence to recover concealed assets even when no paper trail exists.

Asset Recovery

Uncovering Negative Campaigns

We uncover negative campaigns designed to damage our clients’ reputation and destroy their businesses financial stability by revealing competitors' or other rivals’ hostile actions, motivations and future strategies.

Our operations identify the persons behind these campaigns to stop them before they can do more damage. We provide solid evidence of rivals divulging false information and collusion including their objectives and collaborators.

We also reveal illegal “short and distort” efforts by short sellers to drive down a company’s stock by deliberately disseminating false information about the company.

Uncovering Negative Campaigns

Counter Intelligence

Cover your bases. By pairing Human Intelligence with cutting-edge technologies, we’ll protect you against espionage, targeting, corporate sabotage, and other hostile intelligence activities. Through our in-depth research and profiling, we’ll identify potential vulnerabilities and risks and then help create a safe environment.

Counter Intelligence

Uncover the untraceable.

We craft innovative, complex cover stories to obtain evidence for high-profile international litigations, arbitrations, and white-collar crime cases. When there is no paper trail of evidence, Black Cube’s world-leading intelligence approach is the only way to obtain the seemingly impossible.

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