Human Intelligence is the most effective method of gathering hard evidence that is impossible to obtain otherwise.

An undercover approach.

We use HUMINT by creating realistic multi-person cover stories and deploying our highly trained operatives with Israeli intelligence experience.
This enables us to reveal unlawful practices and gather evidence to win your complex case, even where no paper trail exists.

HUMINT is superior.

The effect of social engineering on human psychology, backed by real companies, offices and cutting edge technology - is unbeatable.

Only Us

We are the only firm offering our unique and highly sophisticated approach to Human Intelligence.

Beyond OSINT

We reveal information inaccessible to open source intelligence and other traditional methods.

Global Reach

We operate seamlessly in over 75 countries and speak more than 30 languages.

Our Services.

Litigation Support

Uncovering civil fraud, breach of contract, perjury, forgery, information leak, tender manipulation, and illegal collusion.

White Collar Crime

Collecting evidence of illegal tactics and complex financial crimes undertaken by individuals or entities, including fraud, corruption, bribery, embezzlement, money laundering and tax evasion.

Asset Recovery

Determining which assets are concealed or misappropriated, where they’re hidden, and linking said assets to the beneficiaries even when there is no written piece of evidence.

Uncovering Negative Campaigns

We’ll uncover coordinated attempts at defamation or hostile actions from competitors and reveal their true motives and future strategies.

Counter Intelligence

Pairing HUMINT with cutting-edge technologies, creating a safe environment to protect our clients against espionage, corporate sabotage, and other hostile intelligence activities.

Nothing is impossible.

When Human Intelligence is the only option, you can rely on Black Cube to uncover the truth.

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