Secure the seemingly impossible.

Black Cube is an intelligence firm that helps you win when no one else can.

Our services

To win complex cases, you need sophisticated intelligence.

Winning your lawsuit depends on securing critical information that seems impossible to obtain. Black Cube specialises in high-profile litigations, arbitrations, and white-collar crime cases.

Leave it to us to uncover the facts

- no matter where they’re hidden.

We’ll find the missing piece.

As veterans of Israel’s elite intelligence units, our operatives conduct innovative, complex operations online and offline. Our Human Intelligence (HUMINT) methodology is supported by top-notch Open Source (OSINT) capabilities and cutting-edge technology to secure hard evidence otherwise impossible to obtain.

Tactical approach. Global reach.

We’re not limited by knowledge, expertise, language, connections, or geography.

Extensive Evidence

Our HUMINT operations are supported by OSINT capabilities and cutting-edge technology to expose the hidden and unknown.

Expert Operatives

We’re world leaders at exposing corruption, fraud, bribery, asset dissipation and other white-collar crimes even when there is no existing paper trail.

Lawful Methodologies

Our methodologies comply with applicable laws in each jurisdiction where we conduct operations.

The world’s leading Human Intelligence firm.

Our team comprises former Israeli intelligence officers, lawyers, and agents with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and languages. As social engineers, we craft unique, complex scenarios to capture evidence for high-profile international litigations, arbitrations and white-collar crime cases.

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