Honorary President

The late Meir Dagan

As one of the most illustrious and successful directors of the Mossad (2002-2012), a post to which he was appointed by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Mr Dagan cemented his position as a leading thinker and innovator in the intelligence community. His strategic approach, leadership, operational skills and unique mind-set provided for his prior successes in his military career, as counter terrorism and national security advisor to the Prime Minister, and saw him awarded the medal of Gallantry in 1973.


Efraim Halevy

Efraim Halevy, ninth head of the Mossad, has capped forty years of service including command of two major operational divisions and extensive field service. Serving five prime ministers as head and deputy chief for ten years, he was their secret envoy on key issues. He also served as ambassador to the European Union, headed the National Security Council and the Hebrew University Center for Strategic Studies.

Inspector General (Ret.)

Yohanan Danino

Mr Danino served as the Israeli Police Commissioner and is renowned for establishing its flagship unit Lahav 433, dealing with the most sophisticated fraud, corruption and cyber cases. He previously headed the police's Southern Command, the Investigations Department and the Unit of International Crime Investigations. During his tenure, he led high-profile intelligence investigations, established the Integrated Intelligence Centre and promoted the “financial model” for crime prevention. In his recent role, Mr Danino served as Chairman of Migdal Insurance Group.

Major General (Ret.)

Giora Eiland

Following an illustrious career in the Israeli army, Mr Eiland headed the IDF’s Operation Branch, IDF’s Planning Branch and eventually Israel’s National Security Council. These positions placed him in the top security and intelligence echelon within Israel and internationally. He leverages his experience and international relationships built over decades in the security, intelligence and strategic planning fields in his ongoing consultancy to governments, multinational corporations and as part of large-scale arbitrations.


Adrian Leppard

Mr Leppard served as the Commissioner of the City of London Police and the national UK policing lead for fraud and cyber-related crime. An expert on intelligence, counter-terrorism, extortion crime and cyber defence, he led investigations into the most serious crime and complex intelligence operations including the world’s largest cash robbery. Leppard was honoured by HM The Queen and made a Commander of the British Empire for his services to the UK in preventing economic crime and is also a recipient of the Queens Police Medal.


Asher Tishler

Prof. Tishler currently serves as the President of the College of Management Academic Studies and was a faculty member of Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Management from 1976 to 2014. His main research interests are applied microeconomics, models of research and development, energy economics and defense issues relating to homeland security. Prof. Tishler is a member of several energy and defense forums, and serves as an advisor to the IDF, Ministry of Defense, and Ministry of National Infrastructures, banks and industrial, high-tech and service companies in Israel and abroad. He was recently included in Stanford University’s list of the top 2 per cent most-cited scientists for 2020.

Lieutenant Colonel (Res.)

Golan Malka

Mr Malka has recently completed his tenure as the VP of Marketing and Business Development at NICE Systems’ Intelligence and Cyber Division. Over the past fifteen years, he has held senior management positions at several major technology companies, including Azimuth and Elbit, leading large-scale business activity for both corporate and government clients in the defense, homeland security, intelligence and cyber spheres.


Itiel Maayan

Mr Maayan is one of the leading C.T.O.s in Israel, and lectures in most of Israel’s professional conventions. An expert on all aspects of IT and cyber, he currently leads Mobile Marketing at Verifone and is a member of both Microsoft’s consulting staff and Customer Advisory Board. Mr Maayan was the lead member of the team that transformed Tel-Aviv-Jaffa into one of the world’s leading municipalities in the field of technology. His signature is his unique ability to efficiently manage large-scale projects that integrate multiple technological components.

Brigadier General (Res.) 

Mati Leshem

Mati Leshem, winner of the Israel Defense Award, has over 27 years of experience in the IDF in a variety of key roles. During his IDF career, he commanded various spearhead units, and was responsible for initiating and implementing in-depth organizational changes in the IDF, as well as for redesigning methods of operational activity, strategic processes and unit structures. Since retiring from the IDF, Mati Leshem has served in several key roles in the Israeli high-tech industry.

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